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Name: Libby
Age: 16
Location: Boston, MA
Encounter date: March 20, 2004
Added: October 26, 2004

I went with my boyfriend to see Jon at the Orpheum in Boston. We got our tickets the second they went on sale and were so excited!! Once March 20th rolled around, we gleefully headed to Boston. We hit some traffic (damn the Big Dig) but still got there wicked early. We walked around for a while, then went into the theater at 7:00. Our seats were really good-- just a few rows back and to the left a little bit. It took forever for everyone to get seated, but the show finally started at 7:45 or so.

This weird guy came over the system and said that whole speech about no smoking, drinking, yada yada yada. Then, the moment we had all been waiting for.... Jon walked out and bowed to the crowd several times. He started by saying "Trust me, it isn't that good." He's so funny. I was actually more captivated by his insane manliness (he's really hairy-but it's good). He's a lot more macho in person, but still cutely short.

He made some political jokes about John Kerry and Bush, but he could tell that the crowd was more into sex jokes. He told us he was writing a poem for his wife, and just needed a word that rhymes with "sweet pussy." We were all laughing so hard when he started talking about his dog eating its own crap, and Jon was really good with sound effects (did you know he can burp on cue? I didn't!). I had to restrain myself from running up there and grabbing him!

The show ended with him talking about religion and basically telling everyone to shut the fuck up. My jaws were hurting I was laughing so hard and my boyfriend almost pissed himself. I was so sad that it had to end!!

By the way, Jon was wearing khakis and a blue sweater, and he looked hella good.


Compiled and edited by Melly.

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