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Name: Laraine
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Encounter date: February, 28, 2003
Added: October 26, 2004
Note: Two pics of Jon on stage - One and Two . See related encounter here (Joanna).

What a hottie!!! I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!!!

Just got home after seeing Jon perform at the Broward Performance Center in Fort Ladeedaaaaa. He was very yummy tonight in his brown cargos and wool sweater (made a comment about how it is a bad choice to wear wool under such hot lights . . . "Are those radioactive rays?!")

Anyway, as you can imagine he touched on the whole voting debacle here in Florida "I was confused . . . Buchanan . . . Gore . . . oooopsy." Then he talked about Iraq ("It took me eight minutes to get here from my hotel . . . are we at war now?"). During his bit about Iraq some guy in the balcony up top screamed "You're HOT!!!" Jon of course stopped and asked, "Did a guy just yell that I'm hot?! What part of my Iraq speech got you so aroused?" Then Jon started simulating humping and he began to spank his ass (my favorite part of the night!).

He touched on a lot of things like religion, the axis of evil (Iran isn't doing its part), masturbation (another of my favs, he said "I masturbate a lot . . . you guys are lucky I made it here tonight"), pot (about making it legal and the commercials), cats and dogs, and condoms. And at some point someone screamed for him to take his shirt off, and he said he wasn't a piece of meat, so then someone threw a dollar bill on stage, and he said, " I can make a 20 minute call now!" A little later someone shouted for him to take his clothes off, and he said he was too hairy and deformed under his shirt. He talked about his ass saying that his right cheek was real hairy and on the left one he had a bald spot, so he does combovers

The show was an hour and a half with no one opening for him. Cameras were not allowed, but I snuck mine in (along with like 10 other people). I took 2 pictures. My friend and I went to a bar down the street from the performance hall and kept our eye out for Jon in case he decided to hit the bars . . . but no luck. We told people we were looking for a short hairy Jewish boy. Eventually we gave up. Maybe next time.


Compiled by Melly.

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