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Name: Joanna
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Encounter date: February, 28, 2003
Added: October 26, 2004
Note: See related encounter with pics here

I was so close to him! I had second row seats, I could've touched him! Damnit! I am such a wimp. I didn't bring my camera because we weren't "supposed to" and it would be "confiscated"--lying bastards!

The show was great, a lot of repeat material from TDS and Unleavened. Actually, the only "new" material was about the venue we were in and that he was too warm in his sweater (he did end up taking a dollar someone threw him, but kept his clothes on). He left the cap to his water bottle on stage. I was so tempted to just grab it on the way out. I had even brought a copy of Details mag (the one with him on the cover) for him to sign, but I totally wimped out. I don't deserve to be called a fan. He didn't metion his wife much--only when telling the story about Monkey eating her own vomit and diarrhea (loved the sound effects to that and his cat with 1/2 of a uterus in heat). I wanted to ask about "Stan" and "Shamsky" but I was too embarrassed to yell it out.

I was so close... such a missed opportunity, I want to crawl back into bed and weep.

Oh--he had a hard time getting back through the curtains at the end. The house lights were on and most people were leaving but he did this sort of deer caught in the headlights thing to make fun of the fact that he couldn't figure out how to get backstage.


Compiled by Melly.

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