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Name: Janet M.
From: Las Vegas, NV
Age: 29
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Encounter date: June 21, 2002
Added: July 1, 2002

I went to the Vegas show! I wanted to thank the newsletter for informing me of the tickets becoming available. At 10:01 (tickets went on sale at 10:00), I had purchased 3 tickets. I thought I had okay seats on the floor, you never know what you get when you buy online, but to my surprise when I got there, they were FRONT ROW CENTER!!! I'm not kidding. I was so excited, my sister and my husband were bruised from me grabbing their legs and screeching in their ears!

Jon was HILARIOUS. He was so funny and really played off of the audience. The set was really cheesy, and he made cracks about it being bought from home depot. The crowd wanted him to knock the set over, but he was his respectful self and said no. He also did his famous cat in heat impression, but in the buildup to the impression, he was talking about the value of cats and dogs and that dogs are superior animals because you have to pay for them, but you can get a free cat anywhere.

He asked if anyone in the audience had cats. My husband said "Yes." Jon asked the cat's name, and my hubby said "Regis." Jon said "Really, I'm going to have to tell Regis!"

Everything he did was so funny. His facial expressions, his body language. He looked so cute. I wish he would have taken off his jacket so I could have seen more of him in his classic V-neck sweater -- like in the Jon Stewart Show days -- he looked better than he does on TV -- it was so worth the wait to finally be able to see him. I just gazed at him from my seat, laughed throughout the whole show, and gave him my own personal standing ovation at the end of the show. Who cares that no one around me stood. I represented all of us in spreading the love and appreciation of Jon's humor! It was a fantastic time!


Compiled by Melly.

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