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Name: Ericka D.
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Location: Connecticut
Encounter date: December 2001
Added: February 8, 2004

It was December, 2001. This was my 2nd time seeing Jon at Foxwoods Casino. The previous December, my mom and I got there about an hour before showtime and since it was first come, first serve seating, we got front row!!!! I nearly died. The tables were sideways, with the chairs parallel to the stage (not facing it). I literally had my arm on stage the entire night. I will never forget his Timberland boots so close to me . . .

Anyway, the following year, I was determined to get the same seats. I was also determined to talk to Jon. As you all know, he is very much into conversing with his followers (sorry, his audience) so I knew I could do it. I am a HUGE cat lover (almost to my total embarrassment, as you will see) and decided to get his attention during his dog/cat bit.

My mom and I got in the theater, and since there were only 4 other people ahead of us, we got the same seats we had the year before. I rested my arm on the stage, like a dog marking its territory. I was also very glad I wore a low cut shirt, just in case Jon were to come towards my side of the stage. (Boy, did he!)

So he starts the show, and I take a few pics, which didn't come out that great, but at least I have them, and I get ready to make my move. He starts talking about how dogs are different than cats, and he made some random comment that was insulting toward felines, and I screamed in protest. He gestured to me, and said, "Oh, a cat lover." Then he says, "Let me ask you, did you pay for your cat?" and I said yes, all three, and he seemed amazed. He said, "What kind of cats?" and I said, "Two Siamese and a Tuxedo cat." He's like, what's a Tuxedo cat? I said, you know, looks like he's wearing a tux? And before he could answer, I said, "I have pictures, if you'd like to see him." (Told you this was embarrassing) So he asks, "Do you have them here, or do we have to go to your place?" I was DYING!!! "I meekly said, "No, I have them here." So he holds a hand up to the audience, and says, "S'cuse me for a sec," and comes over to me. He bends down over me (score for the low cut shirt!!!), and I show him pics of my cat. His face was six inches from mine! He's like, "Oh, now I get it, a TUXEDO cat. Okay!" I think he may have asked me my name, or something else, but I forget. I do remember people coming up to me after the show and asking if I was the "tuxedo cat girl" and if they could see my kitten too.

So my one encounter with the one man of my dreams, and I show him pictures of my cat. But what an encounter it was!!!


Compiled by Melly.

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