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Name: Shelly C.
Age: 26
Location: New York City
Encounter date: June 11, 2002
10th Annual Toyota Comedy Festival
Added: July 1, 2002 (posted on the JBB on June 11, 2002)

Call it a semi-encounter if you like, even if only from afar....

Let me start with my regrets:

1) Deciding to take a 6th row seat over a 1st row seat for fear that if the stage were too high, I would be looking up Jon's nostrils rather than staring at his lovely face.

2) Not bringing my camera because I just didn't
think about the possibility that I would be close enough to Jon to get a good picture.

3) Not staying outside the stage door for more than 35 minutes because I just assumed that like every other time I have waiting for Jon, he had probably left. Also, it was really hot outside and I didn't want to stand outside anymore, and/or meet Jon while sweating profusely -- unless for a good reason. I am convinced, however, that he undoubtedly came out right after I left. At least I made it home in time to watch TDS.

4) Not going to the after party because I assumed Jon wouldn't be there, and I am sure he was, just because I didn't go. But when I went to the premier of “Death To Smoochy” and the after party, he was nowhere to be found. Sadness.

5) Going to see a comedy show on the Lower East Side last night where they gave away several FREE tickets to the show after I had gone and paid $47!!!

So here's my story, and I am sticking to it. I knew Jon would be on later in the evening since he would come over after TDS taped. How I looked forward to seeing him. I sat, anxious. Many very funny people were there...Dave Attell, Lewis Black, Jim Bruer (who did an excellent impression of Ozzy, but really could use a visit to the gym and perhaps a little rehab...), Eddie Brill, Adam Ferrara, Greg Fitzsimmons, Kevin Meany, Patrice O'Neal, Colin Quinn (who seemed a bit drunk, and was not as funny as he can be), and, of course, and most importantly, JON!!!

Jon came on wearing the lovely suit he was wearing on TDS tonight, as opposed to his usual T-shirt and cargo pants combo. He looked fantastic, which is not surprising. They played Havah Negilah (the Horah song, for those not familiar with it) as he was coming out and he commented about it, and said it must be because he is Jewish -- stating the obvious, but he did it well. Apparently a large portion of the crowd was Irish Catholic as several references were made to that, and the benefit was for Gerry Red Wilson who was Irish.

Back to upon mentioning his religious background, he spoke about how most of the entertainment industry consists of Jews, Blacks, Gays, and Hispanics. He said that this was part of the need of minorities to prove themselves to the “rest” of the people, and to show that they can offer skills so that people will not oppress them. He then did the cutest little dance. It was sort of a soft-shoe by a cute little Jew. It was adorable!!!

Additionally, like most of the comics, he spoke of current events (though he is obviously more on top of these things -- I wish he was on top of ... sorry, getting off topic) including the dirty bomb and how nice it was that the media felt it was a good idea to tell everyone just exactly how to make a dirty bomb (which he also discussed on TDS). He also mentioned how people in the media were discussing how to prepare for a nuclear attack. He then said, “Who can be prepared for a nuclear attack? The mole people?”

Sadly, I can't remember any other specific jokes, but he was great. Unfortunately, the set was too short and so he wasn't on for very long. Apparently this is the fourth annual benefit, and Greg Fitzsimmons, who was the host, mentioned that since Comedy Central was one of the sponsors, perhaps in the future, they would televise the benefit. It was recorded, so who knows.

So even if I didn't get to meet Jon or talk to him or really directly interact with him other than screaming as loud as I could (which is pretty loud) when he came out and when he was done, I did see him, and I was close to him.

Jon and I will meet again .... Now I have to call TDS tomorrow and get tickets for another taping before I start graduate school and can no longer pay attention to Jon as much as I would like, but I will try.


Compiled by Melly.

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