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Name: Shelly C.
Age: 26
Location: New York City
Encounter dates: March 9, 2002
Added: May 1, 2002

When I found out Jon was going to host SNL I was ecstatic. I live in NYC, so I attempted to contact all of my entertainment friends to get me a ticket. Sadly, and this is straight from a high authority, it was the most popular and requested show of SNL ever.

So I had no choice, since I had to go, I stood in midtown Manhattan for three hours and waited just to get a number that wouldn't even guarantee me getting in. But I had to get in -- this was JON!!! Thankfully, most of the crazy people in front of me who had camped out all night (and some all day) requested tickets to the dress rehearsal. When they got to me and asked which I wanted a ticket for, I paused, thinking, dress rehearsal equals more Jon, but no, I will go with the live show. This was a wise move, seeing as how I would not have gotten in otherwise. So when I arrived on Saturday night (with Jon's book and a fancy pen, just in case) I feared the worst. All of the ticket holders were let in, and the standby people were told that they would bring some of us through the metal detector, but this meant nothing, and we wouldn't know until 11:15 what was going to happen. They took the first 20 through, I was 13 and my friend was 14 (she, for some reason, is not as crazy about Jon as I am, but came with me for moral support). She said if only I got in, it was fine, and as much as I love my friend, ain't no way I am missing this, screw her.

It was 11:07, they let 5 people up. 11:11, 5 people up. I am not getting in, there is no way. 11:15 one person up. So it was number 12, me, and my friend. I just needed three more. It was 11:20, nothing. 11:24, nothing. The show starts at 11:30, I am dying inside. Isn't it bad enough that on the way to the studio I felt like I was going to perform?! 11:26, "Send up the last three, then that's it." Oh ... oh ... I had the biggest smile on my face, oh JON, I am coming! Thus, at 11:28 I was let into Studio 8H to see the great and powerful Jon Stewart. And regardless of what anyone has to say about the quality of the skits, Jon was fantastic, and clearly the best host I have ever seen.

When the show was over, I sheepishly asked one of the security people if Jon would sign autographs, and he said sure. He told us to wait on 49th Street (where all the other people come out). I figured, okay. However, and I realize this may sound scary, when I arrived earlier that night, I walked around the building to check out the other side and saw many limos (though I realize Jon might not use a limo for this performance). But all the cast goes to an after-party, so I thought, who knows. But after reading a lot of the stories of people seeing Jon, I figured he would sneak out the back, but I gave it a shot. I stood with the hundreds of screaming fans waiting outside, holding Jon's book and my cool pen. Everyone came out, but I kept thinking, where is Jon? Lorne Michaels came out. Chris Kattan. Then it happened. "Everyone has gone, clear out," the security guard said. No! Where's Jon? My sweet Jon!!!

After taking a moment (well, an hour), I decided I got to see SNL with Jon Stewart and just made it by the skin of my teeth, I have interacted with him as an audience member at TDS, and that is just about as much as one person can ask for (save for him marrying me, and I am a little late for that).

There wasn't much audience interaction with Jon during the taping because he had to keep running on and off the set. The reason the audience was laughing so had when the show first started was that Darrell Hammond was cracking jokes right before they went live, and at one point reached into his pocket, pulled out a pack of cigarettes and said something like, "Thank God for these babies." Also, they kept those fabulous pictures of Jon up during the commercial breaks, so it was like Jon was still there.  But you know how exceptionally adorable he is. I am still kind of weirded out by his quick get-a-ways after performances. But I guess I can understand not wanting to be attacked by fans and such. It would be nice if he wasn't so elusive, though.


Compiled by Melly.

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