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Name: Julie (aka Jewlie) H.
Location: Manhattan, New York
Encounter date: September 22, 2004
Location: Manhattan, New York
Event: Border's book signing
Added: May 10, 2005
Pictures: Jon and Jewlie, autographed book

I went to the Border's book signing for AMERICA: The Book at the Columbus Circle Border's, and it started at 7PM. Shelly decided to meet me and my friends (Chris--a new JS convert, and Linda--a great friend who indulges my obsessions) at about 6 PM to make sure we got a good spot in line. We did--about 25 people back, but since the line grew to well over a hundred, I think we did well. I purchased 3 copies of the book and sweetly asked the cashier for 3 slips of paper to write the personalizations I wanted in the books (me, my sister and most importantly, Annie). I was all organized and ready to go. It was my friend Chris' birthday, so I got him a cupcake and sang "Happy Birthday" while waiting. Then one of the Border's employees made an announcement that there would be no personalizations--just Jon Stewart's siggy. Well, I was not going to give up that easily, but I figured I needed to prioritize, so I took the notes out for me and my sister and left the one for Annie. I have always had good luck when I am trying to get something for someone other than myself, especially from celebrities.

I had a camera with me, so I was also hoping to get some photos, and they did say that they would take pictures . . . at first. Then we saw him come in and the energy in the room changed--honestly, it became electric. And I started getting all light-headed with the knowledge that I would soon be face-to-face with him....HIM. My friends and I got prepared and tried to make a plan about taking photos, getting face time, but the line was moving fast and I got a little discombobulated. Next thing I know, they are taking my stack of books, and I'm taking a picture of the back of Shelly's head while she speaks to HIM. Then I handed my camera to a woman who had said she wasn't going to take any more photos, but I just pretended I didn't hear her and stepped up to Mr. Jon Stewart. Everything gets a little fuzzy for the next 60-90 seconds.

I remember shaking his hand, but my focus was really on getting him to personalize Annie's book, so I just plunged in immediately with something like, "I know you aren't doing personalizations, but there is a woman named Annie, and she has a website dedicated to you and it would really mean a lot to here if you could sign something for her." Meanwhile, the Border's guy is repeated saying to me, "No personalizations!" HE looks at me and asks, "What's her name?" I point to the note I had put in the book and say, "ANNIE." He says, "Okay," and starts writing. The Border's guy stops yelling at me. He signs the other two books, and I thank him and say, "And congratulations on your baby!" Now this was a few days after he won the Emmy, so he initially said, "Thank you," in a very knee-jerk reaction way, then did a bit of a double-take and said, "Thank you!" Looked me in the eye and really smiled. I nodded and smiled back. Then I walked away.

I walked up to my friends who had already had their books signed and I felt like I had just come out of some sort of trance. I said, "Hey! Where's my camera??!!" But my friends pointed to my shirt pocket and I was surprised to find it there. I have no memory of receiving it back from the photo woman. I didn't even know if she had actually taken a picture until I had the film developed and lo & behold, there is a shot of my back and Jon Stewart shaking my hand and looking at me as if I am telling him something very important . . . and I was!


This is part of the message Jewlie wrote in a nice card inside the signed book she sent me:

I didn't write in about this encounter because I didn't want to tip you off. Basically, they weren't allowing personalizations, and I quickly told JS about you and he went ahead and wrote what he did while the Border's Books Guy repeated, "We aren't doing any personalizations!" Proving further what a great guy Jon Stewart truly is.

This is an e-mail reply from Jewlie after I asked her a ton of questions. I think I also offered her oral sex and my first-born son, but I was very dizzy, so I can't really remember:

What did you tell him about me?

I think I left the slip of paper that gave a snapshot about you. That's pretty much want I said. It was quick, so I had to talk fast. Plus, they had made an announcement that he would not be personalizing any of the books, so it was a little tricky. I'll give more details later, but JS was very nice about it.

Did you tell him I could cook?

no, sorry.

How did he smell?

Couldn't really smell him there, but got a good whiff tonight.

What kind of pen did he use?

Sharpie, I believe

Exactly what parts of the book did his hands touch?

He held the edges of the cover when it was passed to him and he put it down in front of himself. he held down the left-hand side with his left forearm, as he is a lefty and his right hand held down the bottom of the right-hand side. He then closed the book and passed it to me, so he was touching the cover.

Did he fondle the cover at all?

ummmmm.....yeah, and I think he was murmuring your name over and over.....


Julie asking Jon to sign her book for Annie:


Added May 10, 2005.

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