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Name: Julie H.
Age: Thirty-something
Location: Manhattan, New York
Encounter date: November 7, 2000
Location: Manhattan, New York
Event: Comedy Central Election Party
Added: September 2, 2002

Janene (a friend) had heard about this even when she had called TDS to try and get tickets for the live show.  Then a co-worker/friend of hers had a date with someone who worked at Comedy Central and was going to the party.  Janene asked him to see if his date could get us in.  He said he would call, so we went to the PRT location- Roseland, a music venue- and waited outside.  We also figured that way, if necessary, we might be able to find another way in.  We waited outside for an hour & a 1/2 and discovered that this party was pretty hard to get into.  People who worked for Comedy Central, but hadn't RSVPed were worried they weren't going to get in.  Two people who were dressed up as Bill & Hillary Clinton (& looked GREAT!) were turned away!  There was a list of names once you got inside and if your name wasn't on there, you weren't gettin' in from what we saw.  So we were getting ready to leave when Janene's friend shows up with her Comedy Central date, Phil.

Phil tells us that's it's not going to be easy for us to get in.  They aren't even allowing guests and the only way he's gettin' a date in is on an extra invitation his boss gave him.  BUT he says, I know two women who aren't coming tonight, you could give their names.  BUT the people checking the names are Comedy Central employees so you run the risk of them knowing the people you are pretending to be and looking like an ass.  I said I didn't care, and Janene said she'd give it a shot, so in we went.

Janene says her name first, and gets marked off the list.  I say my name and the guy kinda slowly repeats it, "Marnie Sailing-Mayor...."  and he's flipping through the pages, passes the S's, turns to the guy checking names next to him and repeats it, "Marnie Sailing-Mayor...."  I see the name on the list and say, "There it is!"  And he replies, "Yeah, well, the problem is I KNOW Marnie.  She works 3 desks down from me."  So I say, "Oh.  Okay. Well, someone told me she wasn't coming tonight, and to use her name to get in.  But I understand if that isn't cool."

He: "Well, it's true.  I know she isn't coming tonight, but I don't have the authority to let you in.  Wait, talk to them (pointing to the desk behind me).  Sarah!  This woman is using Marnie Sailing-Mayor's name and I know Marnie's not coming, so will you talk to her?"

I turn around to face three very annoyed-looking women.  One of whom is obviously in charge.

In Charge Chick: "What is going on?"

Me: "I was told that Marnie Sailing-Mayor isn't coming tonight and that I should use her name to get in."

Guy at previous desk:  "I know Marnie's not coming.  She's definitely not."

ICC: "Do you know Marnie?"

Me: "I'm going to be honest with you.  No, I do not."

ICC: "Well, how did you get her name?  I'm just trying to figure out where this is coming from."

Me: "Someone I know works with her and told me to use her name so I could meet them here.  But if it's not cool, that's fine, I understand."

ICC: "So, do you know someone inside?"

Me: "Yes.  And I'm being honest with you here.  I totally understand and if it's not okay, that's fine."

ICC: (looks at me for a few seconds)  "Well, you can go in.  Since you're being honest, you can go in."

Me: "Thank you (appreciative and respectful smile)."

So that was it.  We were in.  The guys were actually very nice and the woman was ALLLLLLLLL business.  I'm actually shocked that she let me in.  I think if I had been more attractive, she would've turned me away, but I was trying to look as submissive and non-threatening as possible.  So, it never hurts to try.

The party was very cool.  They had a HUGE big screen which was showing the live broadcast and then election results from other channels.  There were also numerous small TVs all over the place with people huddled around watching and discussing the race.  There was a dance floor with people boogie-ing down.  Open bar, free food.  Very cool party.  Janene and I mingled somewhat and the people there were very nice.  Most of them worked for Comedy Central, but some were affiliated with other orgs.  I bummed a smoke off Lewis Black and then kinda stood to the side of a conversation he was having with another guy.  Lewis was ranting about the whole election and Bush, Gore, Nader.  He was very 'ON'.  He also talked to Janene's mom on the phone for about 5 minutes- it was very funny!  Miriam Tolan was just kinda wandering around early on in the night and Janene stopped her and we talked about how crowded the voting places were.  We interacted with the President of Comedy Central, Larry, who was quite a character.  Unfortunately, we didn't really make any solid, worthwhile connections to be used later.  We did end up hangin' with the guys who almost got us kicked out and they were really nice.  So that's about it.  

Oh!  At one point Janene and I were walking downstairs and we hadn't seen Jon Stewart yet.  She is walking in front of me toward the dance floor and she almost walks straight into Jon, but doesn't realize it's him.  He looked good- leather jacket and baseball cap.  He and Tracey were there for a nanosecond and I got a glimpse of her as she was leaving.  I really couldn't tell you much about her except she is shorter than Jon.  The front-desk guys said Jon doesn't usually spend a lot of time at the parties.  Saw Nancy Walls and both Stephens, and Frank DeCaro.  No interaction, though.


Added September 2, 2002.
Transcribed by Kelly.

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