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Name: Mallory
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Location: New Hampshire
Encounter date: January 23, 2004
Added: February 8, 2004

Earlier tonight my brother went out with his friends to our local bowling alley in New Hampshire. When my brother came home he said that, as he had been leaving, Jon Stewart and a number of the Daily Show crew members (Rob Corddry, Stewart Bailey, Kahane Corn, Samantha Bee etc) were coming in to bowl. My brother and his friends had been able to talk to the TDS people (Jon was very happy about his opportunity to go candlepin bowling) and my brother got Jon's autograph on a $5 bill. I was in the shower when my brother came home but upon hearing this I jumped right out and got ready to go to the bowling alley in hopes that Jon was still around! I was really nervous and my parents came with me. Sure enough, Jon and the other TDS members were still there bowling. Jon was dressed really casually/sloppily and no one was bothering him seemed like few people recognized him at all. My parents and I sat near his lane and waited for a chance to get near him. He was obviously having a great time, and was joking, yelling and dancing throughout the game even though his score came to less than 90.

When the group was finally done bowling my mom asked one of Jon's friends if Jon would take a picture with me. The man went over to ask Jon, and Jon said yes! Some members of the crew waved me over and asked me my name, and Jon seemed a little shy.

All I could think of to tell him was, "I love your show, I watch it every day!" and he said "Oh, thank you so much." My father took me and Jon's picture but it came out dark. I was fine with that and I was about to leave but Jon said, "Why don't we turn around this way, there is more light and you'll get a better picture." He was super nice!

So I deleted the old dark picture and my dad asked if I was deleting the old pictures of my cats too. Jon said "No, keep the cat pictures!"... he was sweet. Jon posed for the new picture in the light and it came out great, with a classic sweet Jon smile... he was absolutely adorable :). This all happened earlier tonight and it has not quite hit me yet... I met Jon Stewart... in a bowling alley in New Hampshire! The TDS crew must have been here to cover this weekend's democratic elections. Lucky me!


Compiled by Melly.


Compiled by Melly.

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