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Name: AG
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Location: New York City
Encounter date: Fall, 1998
Added: May 1, 2002

A few months after I first moved to New York, I was interning at the Tribeca Film Center, an office building in which Jon's company (the name escapes me) has, or at the time, had an office. Since I only worked there a few days a week, and he was just getting started with The Daily Show at the time, I basically never saw him.

Then, one day, I hop into the elevator, delivering files or something, and there're three people in there with me -- Bo Goldman, the screenwriter of Scent of a Woman, Tony Goldwyn, from Ghost, and, a head shorter than either of them, Jon Stewart. So, I try to remain casual about it, let them have their conversation and all, but I've been a fan of this guy (Jon, of course, the hell with the other two), for like five, six years now.

But fortunately, I remained calm.

Thus ends encounter number one with our man, but it's the second one that really counts.  Like I said on the site, I used to deliver his (and other people's) mail, but on one particular day, I noticed that he and his business partner (whose name also escapes me) were in the office, so I wrangled it so I would be delivering their mail (an interesting note and possible invasion of privacy -- not surprisingly, Jon Stewart subscribes to The Onion). So, I go and deliver their mail, and Jon's out in the hallway just outside his office, having a smoke. So, I hand him his mail, and he says to me, "Ah, thank you, my friend." Now, I realize that that's just a common courtesy and all, but my inner Cable Guy of course is going nuts, thinking things like "I'm ... I'm your friend? You mean that? Cool." I thankfully said nothing.

There was the possibility that, later that year, I could have worked with their office as an intern, but sadly, I'd accepted a job by then, so nothing came of it. But the moral of the story is: Jon Stewart called me his friend.


Compiled by Melly.

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