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 Jon Stewart Intelligence Agency
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We're fighting, apparently, with one of
Xena's web sites. It's a huge battle.

— Jon Stewart on the JSEB




The Fan Files
 Close Encounters of the Jon Kind


These are (hopefully) true stories, short or long, meaningful or trivial, moving or embarrassing, of people who have had some sort of experience, near experience, or non-experience with Jon Stewart. Ages shown in the encounters are ages at the time of the encounter. Please submit your own encounters to Melly. If you're a JSIA member, you can also post your experiences on the JBB where you can bet your sweet bippy that we will harvest it post haste.

Special Events
Standup Perfomances
TDS Tapings
Random/Miscellaneous Encounters
Non-Jon Encounters

Special Events

Joyce J. - SNL
Julie H. - TDS seminar
Julie H. - Comedy Central Election Party
Julie H. - Bonus picture of Jon! - Border's book signing Added May 10, 2005.
Julie H. - Four bonus pics! - TDS panel discussion (story pending) Added May 10, 2005.
Shelly C. - SNL
Shelly C. - Tribeca Film Festival
Shelly C. -
10th Annual Toyota Comedy Festival

Standup Performances

Amanda (alapergo)
Amanda (shanlvr)
Annie - Cincinnati
Annie - Indianapolis - Bonus blurry pic of Jon - Added May 10, 2005.
Ericka D.
FlameRain. - Bonus pictures of Jon!
Janet M.
Julie H
Keelah R. - She got to hug the man! - Added May 10, 2005.
Laraine - One, two bonus pictures of Jon on stage!
Melly - Wilkes-Barre
Melly - Pittsburgh
Melly - Washington, D.C. -- Bonus pictures (not of Jon)
Patty M.
Shelly - Tale includes autograph after the show!

TDS Tapings

Holly Beth
Joanna (also met Colbert) -- Bonus picture of script Jon scribbled on!
Julie H.
Sharilyn (Includes miscellaneous encounter)
Shelly C.
Shelly C. - Sings Happy Birthday to Jon
Valerie - Bonus autograph pic!

Random/Miscellanous Encounters

Shelly C.

Non-Jon Encounters (other celebrities) by JSIA members

Julie H. - Frank DeCaro
Kate - Lewis Black
Kelly - Lewis Black


Last updated May 10, 2005.
Compiled by Melly.

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