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We're fighting, apparently, with one of
Xena's web sites. It's a huge battle.

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Release: 2001 in theaters
Availability: VHS, DVD, soundtrack. Check news for possible TV listings.
Genre: Comedy
Rating: R for nonstop crude and sexual humor, pervasive strong language, and drug content.
Running time: 104 minutes

Box summary: None yet.

JSIA summary: If you're not a fan of Kevin Smith, you probably won't like this movie much. It's wackier than this other films, but it references all of them many times. If you haven't seen his other work, a lot of the humor will go straight over your head.

Notes: The DVD version of this movie has a much longer version of Jon's scene and some other Jon goodies, we've been told.

Fast-forward tip: Jon is in the middle somewhere as the news anchor. (What a stretch.) He's talking about, uh ... well ... just watch it (if you're old enough).

Director: Kevin Smith & an uncredited Scott Mosier

Writer: Kevin Smith

Credited cast:

Jason Mewes
Kevin Smith
Ben Affleck
Shannon Elizabeth
Eliza Dushku
Ali Larter
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith
Will Ferrell
Jon Stewart (Reg Hartner)

IMDb link.


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