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We're fighting, apparently, with one of
Xena's web sites. It's a huge battle.

— Jon Stewart on the JSEB






Release: 1996 in theaters

JSIA summary: Jon got cut. His ass apparently made the previews, though. No, we do not have that clip.


"My butt stayed in the previews. There's this great moment with Goldie kicking me out of the apartment. I guess they loved the look on her face." (Calgary Sun 6/24/99)

"It ran long, they trimmed and poor Jon was out,'' says Matt Labov, his spokesman. "Naturally, he's disappointed, but c'est la vie.'' (USA Today 8/27/96)

"As much as I love Jon, before it was even cast I said to Scott [Rudin, the film's producer], 'Let's get rid of this. It's not pertinent to the plot. You are going to cut this.' And sure enough it was the first to go," said Goldie Hawn, whom Jon's scenes were with. (USA Today 8/27/96)

Executive producer Adam Schroeder says Stewart "did a great job and cutting him out had nothing to do with his acting." In fact, "we're looking for a project for him. He's definitely a movie star."

"It was the first time that people in a focus group actually got together and said, 'Edit this guy out.' I have never seen anything so rabid. These people literally walked from a screening room into the editing room and did the splicing themselves." (Chicago Sun-Times 6/20/99)

"Even when I saw a screening of First Wives Club, I went, `You should take that guy out of there! Oops, that guy is me. The truth of the matter is that all you can do is show up on the set, be as funny as you can be, trust the people around you, and hope it works out. And then you go home and write your own stuff." (Bergen County Record 6/20/99)


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