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Release: December 25, 1998, in theaters
Availability: VHS, DVD, soundtrack. Check news for possible TV listings.
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy
Rating: R for violence/gore, strong language, drug use, and some nudity.
Running time: 104 minutes

Box summary: This hip and edgy thriller from the director of From Dusk Till Dawn and the writer of Scream and Scream 2 sizzles with a hot young cast including Elijah Wood (Deep Impact), Josh Hartnett (Halloween: H20) and R&B superstar Usher Raymond!

When some very creepy things start happening around school, the kids at Harrington High make a chilling discovery that confirms their worst suspicion: their teachers really are from another planet! As mind controlling parasites rapidly begin spreading from the faculty to the students' bodies, it's ultimately up to the few who are left -- an unlikely collection of loners, leaders, nerds, and jocks -- to save the world from domination!

Also starring Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) Famke Janssen (Deep Rising), and Jon Stewart (Playing by Heart) in a great cast -- don't miss the unstoppable excitement of this unpredictably smart and scary hit!

JSIA summary: Most of thought this sucked, but you be the judge.

Fast-forward tip: Jon's in the first half hour several times. If you want a hint as to when Jon's last appearance is, trust us -- you'll know it when you see it. The goo will clue you in. After that, you must watch the end credits! There is one last Jon appearance that will make you scream.

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Writer: David Wechter, Bruce Kimmel

Credited cast:

Elijah Wood
Josh Hartnett
Clea DuVall
Shawn Hatosy
Jordana Brewster
Laura Harris
Bebe Neuwirth
Famke Janssen
Robert Patrick
Jon Stewart (science teacher Mr. Furlong)
Piper Laurie
Usher Raymond
Salma Hayek
Daniel von Bargen
Christopher McDonald

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